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Dress Code


WHy a dress code?

As a studio, we need to adhere to a dress code policy to ensure our dancers' proper body alignment and positioning. Baggy clothing can mask bad habits, making improvement difficult. Dress code also teaches our students discipline, and minimizes distractions in the studio. When dressed like a dancer, children FEEL like a dancer and will be more confident!  

 If there is a a sensory issue that makes dress code difficult, please let us know so we can problem solve together. Adult and therapeutic classes do not have a formal dress code.

tiny dancer, preschool, and beginner CLASSES

Must be in appropriate dance attire. Leotard can be multicolored, patterned, etc. Appropriate dance shoes must be worn, and hair needs to be up and pulled out of face for each and every class. Diapers must be worn on babies who are not confident with toileting yet. 

ballet and pointe 1 through 5 classes

A black leotard and tights are required for each and every class. Skirts may be worn for ballet classes, however shorts are not allowed. A dance sweater or long sleeve is allowed. No baggy sweatshirts, sweatpants, etc. Pink ballet slippers required. Hair must be in a bun. 

jazz, tap, modern 1 through 5 classes

A black leotard and tights are required for each and every class. Shorts are allowed for jazz, tap, and modern. No baggy sweatshirts, sweatpants, sweaters, etc. Hair must be up and completely out of the dancer's face. 


T-shirts, pants, or shorts are all acceptable. No baggy sweatpants for ballet. Appropriate dance shoes required,


Our studio is a conservatory. Crop tops, sports bras as shirts, booty shorts without tights, and inappropriate clothing is not permitted in our studio at any time. Large earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc will not be permitted in class, and gum is never to be chewed in any class at any time. Any student not adhering to proper dress code will be asked to leave class.