Our Therapeutic Dance Program     –   is for children with varyiing social emotional or physical disorders including but not limited to autism, down syndrome, ADHD, and ADD.  

Our Goal  –   To give every child the opportunity to participate in movement and feel successful whether that’s as a member of a therapeutic class, individual session or integrated class.

When you contact us about participation in the program we will set goals tailored to your child’s specific needs.


“It’s nice that Unique Steps offers a program for children on the Autism Spectrum as it gives them a chance to interact with others and build on their social skills. The dance program that Unique Steps offers for our daughter has improved her social interaction skills with others. She has had a great time goint to dance class and meeting new friends.”Proud Parent
Moving in rhythm to auditory stimuli, such as the beat of music can be the first step in breaking down communication barriers. Using music, movement, and props we encourage children with social barriers to connect with one another.  We structure the activity in such a way that encourages identification with a social group through shared movement in rhythmic time and a shared space.