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  • All of our technique classes are based on the Vaganova and Cecchetti method of teaching. Students learn the basic foot positions as well as body positions. Emphasis is placed on proper alignment in order to ensure safe execution. Classes include barre, center adage, pirouettes, petit allegro, and grand allegro.

Tiny Dancer

  • Pre-ballet class. This class is suitable for young dancers learning the basics of dance class as well as skills such as following directions, waiting in line, and taking turns. Basic positions, steps, and jumps are learned. Props are used to help make concepts more concrete as well as more fun!


  • Modern dance is a contemporary form of dance. This style expands upon the technique learned in ballet but explores outside of the boundaries of classical technique. Dancers are inspired by Lester Horton, Katherine Dunham, and Martha Graham to name a few.


  • Jazz class is a fun style of dance suitable for all ages. Sub groups of this style include lyrical, Broadway, commercial, and contemporary. These classes draw from the teachings of such legends as Bob Fosse and Luigi to name a few. Jazz can incorporate many styles and is very entertaining

  • Hip Hop

    Fun, Upbeat style of dance. Performed to Hip Hop Music!


  • Tap dance is a form of dance characterized by the sound of the tap shoes hitting the floor. Students learn tap basics, time steps, rudiments, and other steps. Levels are based on age and ability.


  • : Pointe class is ballet en pointe, or on the tips of the toes. This class requires instructor permission to ensure that the dancer is strong and skilled enough to do so.

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