Dance Space : What to look For?

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There are many decisions when choosing a dance studio.  In addition to proximity, type, and interest there’s flooring, expertise , style and much more. Here are a few things to think about and help you in your journey!

What type of floor is installed at the studio?

A floor is not just a floor especially when it comes to dance. There is leaping, jumping, landing. All of these activities require the use of our joints and can have quite an impact.  Look for studios that know their flooring. Sprung floors prevent dancing injuries. It’s far less impactful on the joints for even the youngest dancer to have sprung floors. Sprung floors have a certain give to them that helps give flexibility to the landing. Would you rather jump on a trampoline or concrete?

Dance Expertise

When choosing your dance studio look at the staff and their experience. You want a dancer with professional and or a higher education in dance.  Proper technique is key to preventing injury.  I believe we have all taken a leap and landed on an ankle incorrectly. Imagine doing that and being told too! Eeek. Look for experts!

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